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63A, 3-pole, 22 kW, black, Switch disconnector 3LD, main switch, floor mounting with door coupling, rotary operating mechanism

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22 kW 

SENTRON, Switch disconnector 3LD, main switch, 3-pole, Iu: 63 A, Operating power / at AC-23 A at 400 V: 22 kW, floor mounting with door coupling, rotary operating mechanism, black, 4-hole mounting of the handle

Panel mounting with 300mm switch shaft - Four hole mounting
Lockable in OFF position with upto 3 padlocks, Degree of Protection IP65, Including terminal cover for incoming side



3LD2 switch disconnector: overview

3LD3 switch disconnector: overview

The 3LD main and EMERGENCY-STOP switches are manually operated switch disconnectors according to IEC 60947-3/VDE 0660 Part 107 (EN 60947-3) and comply with the conditions for switch disconnectors.

In EN 60204-1 (VDE 0113 Part 1), main control switches are called "disconnector units", while EMERGENCY-STOP switches are termed "devices for emergency shutdown".

The 3LD switches for 16 to 250 A are approved according to UL 508 and can be used as "manual motor controllers" and "motor disconnects". In addition, the 3LD switch disconnectors have CCC certification.

Maintenance personnel can protect against unauthorized startup with padlocks (up to 3 can be fitted).

The 3LD switches can be used in any mounting position.